Thursday, June 24, 2010

Korres Lip Butter....

I came across this Lip Butter by Korres. It is so Yummy. Smells like Creme Brulee. Perfect for the the nude lip lover like myself. Moisturizing and non-sticky!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Archipelago Botanicals....Soy Milk Hand Crème

This is one of my new "HG" beauty items. HG meaning Holy Grail. It is made from natural dried milk and oat proteins creating a thick, luxurious and moisturizing hand crème. Not greasy at all. The the smell. I heard that if heaven had a smell it would smell like this hand crème. So before I bought this product I was thinking to myself "What would heaven smell like if heaven had a smell?" So I went to the store and put it on and thought that it didn't really have a strong smell and I thought this is a little pricey so I would not buy it at this time and think about it. (BTW- I always do this to myself which creates more trips and a waste of gas) Anywho..... On the way home I just kept smelling and smelling and then it hit me.......AAAAHHH..... It really DOES smell like heaven if heaven had a smell. It smells so pure and subtle. It doesn't compete or clash with your body fragrance. The next day I made the purchase and I am so happy. I put this on everyday and love, love, love it!!!!