Friday, March 19, 2010

As mad as a hatter ... Alice in Wonderland

I couldn't wait for the release of Tim Burton's new film to come out. It was also worth the extra few dollars to watch it in 3D. I am thrilled to have seen it. Much to my dismay, the reviews I read were so negative and written by critics that obviously don't know anything about the historical references. They don't know about surrealism and fantasy. I guess you have to be a little MAD to understand his films and appreciate the humor. Alice in Wonderland is a brilliant film. Lewis Carroll was known to frequently base his characters on phrases, songs and real people. "As mad as a hatter" was a phrase that he was very familiar with. "Why is a raven like a writing desk?" a riddle that really had no answer but that's another blog topic. The character Alice was based on a real Alice in his life(Alice Liddell). It also seemed as though Tim Burton followed in his footsteps. Did you notice that Alice's last name was Kingsley and her father was Charles? As in Charles Kingsley? Never in the book mentioned the last name of Alice....? Now I am going MAD. Anyways....I love the character Mad Hatter (Johnny Depp) and his happy dance which they call the Funderwhack. It is a Funky Crazy Dance he does at the end of the movie. Amazing. The rest of the cast was also splendid. Although, I'm still wondering why The White Queen's (Anne Hathaway) eyebrows were so black??? I almost couldn't get past it. I've recently starting doing my own eyebrows and now I am constantly rechecking to see if mine are too dark. I did however, like the ginormous head of The Red Queen(Helena Carter). Maybe Tim Burton is obsessed with very large heads. I'm also wondering if Tim Burton will do "The Looking Glass". Well, take the time to go watch this film and watch out for that tea cup heading for your noggin...

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  1. Jessie,
    This is wonderful! you have such an uncanny way of getting and keeping the readers attention... I haven't seen the movie but after your blog It has peeked my interest in seeing it.
    Can't wait for your next post!